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Children's Reversible 13" Wool Skirt with Detachable Purse

Children's Reversible 13" Wool Skirt with Detachable Purse

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A fun cooler weather version of our reversible skirts. Just like Mom's, this 13" length wool skirt has a cotton printed pattern on the opposite side for versatility. The inside of the skirt is made from a single patterned fabric with a cheerful print. These skirts are all one-of-a-kind, so feel free to call us for photos of current in-stock skirts, so you can choose your favorite(s)!

This specific combination of the canvas belt and skirt with the inner and outer sides are truly unique. This is the children's version of the adult size reversible skirts also found on our website.

It comes with a handy hip pocket which can be taken off with ease. It can be worn as a waist purse or by itself. The hip pocket is closed with a flap with snap fastener. The small bag has a zippered pocket. The hip pocket is very practical as a wallet and contains a shoulder strap enabling you to take it with you without having to wear the skirt. You can also keep it attached to the belt and zip the skirt off for a waist purse. So versatile and fun!


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