Reversible 19" Skirt with Detachable Pouch (sizes 0-12)

  • $ 10800

The adjustable sizing fits sizes 0-12 with a 19” length. Various materials are used for these one-of-a-kind skirts. The wider adjustable waistband features two rows of snaps. Fabrics vary in colors and patterns. The detachable pouch can be worn on either side of the skirt or alone. The waistband comes completely unzipped, so the pouch and belt can be worn as a waist purse. It also has a separate strap to use the pouch as a cross body purse. The waistband can also be turned around to change the contrast on each side of the reversible skirt (or interchanged with others if you own more than one). These skirts are all one-of-a-kind, so feel free to call us for photos of current in-stock skirts, so you can choose your favorite(s)! 

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