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Magic Scarf

Reversible Art Design Soft Touch Button Scarves

Reversible Art Design Soft Touch Button Scarves

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Art Design have to feel this fabric. It is a manmade cashmere-touch that is amazing! Great for those allergic to real cashmere or just want vegan items. However, everyone will love these reversible scarves with vivid interpretations of fine art by Picasso, Van Gogh, Degas and others. Also, besides being beautiful, these pashima cut scarves have buttons, so you can turn your scarf into a poncho, cape, or shawl giving you more variety than ever with one beautiful scarf. There are many styles to choose from!

#3 Klimt's "The Kiss" with another of his artwork on the back.

#5  VanGogh's "Almond Blossoms" with Monet's "Water Lilies" on the reverse side.

#7 VanGogh's "Starry Night" and "Over the Rhone"

#15 VanGogh's "Cafe Terrace" reverses with "Church at Auvers" on one scarf

Digital Print on Man-Made Fabric
27" x 70" plus 3" fringe
Hand Wash/Hang to Dry

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